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It Came From … A Big Blue Hole in the Sea: Poseidon Rex

Poseidon Rex (US-2013; dir. Mark L. Lester) is, without a doubt, a B-monster pic, SyFy-style. That’s not necessarily bad. “B-movie” is not synonymous with “bad movie”. “Low budget movie”, yes. Generally formulaic? Sure. But they can be fun if you … Continue reading

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New Trailer for Mold!

Mold, muck, blood and mayhem! It’s the latest trailer from Neil Meschino’s ’80s-styled horror flick, Mold! [youtube _V0hdJQj9AY] In classic 1980’s fashion, Mold! is to be released on VHS tape, at least initially. This will be accompanied by a 7″ … Continue reading

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Exclusive! First Look at Maggots!

Bobby Bragg has been in the film business for quite a while now, mostly as a stuntman and actor, but also in other major roles from writer to director and producer. In a career that spans several decades from the … Continue reading

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Faster, Monstro! Kill! Kill!: An Interview with Stuart Simpson

A new Australian film that pits four gorgeous but deadly women against a weird tentacled monster from the deeps, El Monstro del Mar (Aust-2010; dir. Stuart Simpson) has been causing much excited talk around the internet (see the earlier article … Continue reading

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