Gigante vs King Komodo, and The Big Eight

Artist Todd Tennant, whose news regarding his upcoming comic series, American Kaiju, recently appeared on Undead Backbrain, contacted the Backbrain the other day so we could catch up with his progress.  Commissioned by Bluewater Productions to produce the four-issue series, Todd has been hard at work putting his monsters through their paces. What he’s sent us are pages 4 and 5 of episode 2.

Todd commented on the event depicted [warning: the following contains spoilers]:

Gigante and King Komodo finally have their long-anticipated battle, though it is short-lived. KK was supposed to be transported back into his Cryo-tank (located deep beneath the earth), but the transversable wormhole’s vortex accidentally opened up in the sky just above Area 50 instead.

When KK drops to the ground he is confronted by the “Area 50 Defense Force” (or AFDF), and by GIGANTE, who will flip KK into another TW vortex created on the ground at the conclusion of their kaiju battle. This will escort KK back to his Cryo-tank where he will be gassed back into suspended animation and preserved for the big, conclusive battle in NYC later on.

Todd added: “Here’s a mild spoiler for ya; with 8 giant monsters, my story will obviously be mostly about the kaiju-battles, but it will not be ‘politically correct’, and the climactic end-game battle in NYC may shock some readers. It won’t be pretty…”

I’m guessing that rather depends on how you define “pretty”…

Below are Todd’s pencil sketches of the eight monsters. In regards to them, Todd remarked: “I’m no Crash McCreery, but tried my best to emulate his style in my own way. These are the giant monsters who will be battling it out in my story.”

Please note that you can buy these monster pics as signed, limited edition (50) pencil prints, available from the American Kaiju website. For $20 each, these are an absolute bargain and will undoubtedly be major collecter’s items one day very soon.

The American Kaiju:









Source: Todd Tennant. All images are copyright © Todd Tennant 2011 and should not be reproduced in any way without permission. Article written by Robert Hood.

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5 Responses to Gigante vs King Komodo, and The Big Eight

  1. Thank you for posting these. I’m a sucker for giant monsters, and those are delightful.

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  3. Gabriel says:

    The art is great!

  4. Zilla says:

    Does that bird have 3 legs

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