Zombies From Outer Space: Update

Remember the retro scifi horror flick Zombies from Outer Space (Germany-2010; dir. Martin Faltermeier), which Undead Backbrain revealed to the world at the end of last year? No? Well, go read about it here. Go on! Hurry up! We’ll wait.

[Scratches arm, pats cat, removes some zombie detritus from under the table … been meaning to get rid of that for a while … oh, you’re back? Cool looking movie, eh?]

Well, things have been moving along at the usual languid shuffle pace of the classic zombie, but two trailers have now surfaced along with more images and an 8-minute behind-the-scenes video. Check them out! They’re infused with irony and a wry humour. And zombies from outer space, of course!

[youtube 0Q26S3vzSHo]

[youtube BgfCMiyHy5s]

Behind the Scenes:

[youtube 56exTBozaHo]

Gallery of Images: Click to view

Source: via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood.

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