Let’s Drink to Danger 5!

SBS’s web series, Danger 5! The Diamond Girls has finished, but we already know Danger 5 is destined to return as a TV series on Australian TV’s SBS. The online show has proven extremely popular so far, loved for its tongue-in-cheek replication of 1960s adventure/espionage thrillers on film and TV. Colourful, absurd, endearing in its design, characters and plotting, it obviously (and understandably) hits the right note for many viewers around the world.

Dinosaurworldwide has just posted a celebratory video to youTube, one that encapsulates all that we love about Danger 5!

[youtube U8PrEfJoT6Y]

Longer drinks, longer cigarettes, longer bullets, longer episodes!

Victory has a new name!

The show returns on SBS ONE in February. Viewers in Australia will be waiting eagerly. You lot elsewhere might have to nag your local networks to buy the rights to screen the show over where you are. Start now!

And remember to drink responsibly… except when sitting on the lounge watching the show!

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