Update: First Images of Gila

A Backbrain Exclusive

Thanks to Producer Bill Dever, Undead Backbrain has acquired the first concept drawings of the new Gila! (see The Gila Monster Grows). It’s by Charles Chiodo (of the Chiodo Bros fame), who has been involved in many memorable films, but whom I remember particularly fondly as co-writer and production designer for the cult classic Killer Klowns From Outer Space (US-1988; dir. Stephen Chiodo) and as puppet art director on the unforgettable Team America: World Police (US-2004; dir. Trey Parker).

[click image to enlarge]

In other breaking Gila! news, the new remake of The Giant Gila Monster is now to be released theatrically in drive-in theaters across the US!

  • Source: Producer Bill Dever via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood
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3 Responses to Update: First Images of Gila

  1. This is OUTSTANDING news. I just love, Love, LOVE the drive-in release concept.

  2. Avery Guerra says:

    There’s just one or two per state here I believe. I’m actually from Georgia and I know Atlanta still has one. Here in Florida, where I’ve relocated, there’s atleast one huge one in Fort Lauderdale which is like 2 hours away. Most have been shut down here in the states but a few still exist. I read that there were two others close by here until just a few years back they too were shut down. I’m happy to see events such as this are still being arranged.

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