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A Giant Gila Monster for Christmas

Including an Exclusive Interview by Robert Hood with the Star of the Film The producers of Jim Wynorski’s giant monster remake Gila! are currently whipping up a grassroots campaign to get the film — much lauded among B-Movie Celebration attendees … Continue reading

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B-Movie Celebration: Gila!

Exclusive Backbrain Images As those who have already seen the previous Backbrain post would realise, the world premiere of Jim Wynorski’s remake of the old B-movie The Giant Gila Monster (US-1959; dir. Ray Kellogg) will be the showcase of the … Continue reading

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Update: First Images of Gila

A Backbrain Exclusive Thanks to Producer Bill Dever, Undead Backbrain has acquired the first concept drawings of the new Gila! (see The Gila Monster Grows). It’s by Charles Chiodo (of the Chiodo Bros fame), who has been involved in many … Continue reading

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Update: The Gila Monster Grows

Fearless Undead Backbrain correspondent Avery Guerra reports that he has been hearing the opinion expressed that Jim Wynorski has “really outdone himself” with his latest monster flick. This may be his best film yet, they say — or at least … Continue reading

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Startling New Giant Monster Remake: A Backbrain Exclusive

We all know we’re in a cinematic age of remakes, reboots, makeovers and sequels, so the news the Backbrain’s just heard regarding the latest giant monster flick remake won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. Not as such. … Continue reading

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