Wrath Brings Out the Monsters in Us All

With Jonathan Liebesman’s Wrath of the Titans — a sequel to the much-spurned Clash of the Titans —  about to be released upon us, a new, rather spectacular trailer has provoked the usual irrelevant internet complaints of “mythological” inaccuracy — “irrelevant” because this new film isn’t really based on anything except a generalistic view of Greek myth and the Greeks themselves weren’t overly consistent in their re-telling of the ancient stories anyway. Of more interest to me than some sort of hit-or-miss pseudo accuracy is a good, uncompromised script — a hope that is somewhat diminished by the listing of multiple writing credits on IMDb’s entry for the film. Rarely a good thing. Still, even if the script isn’t all it might be, there will clearly be some decent monsters on view!

[youtube rNAo6KLIKVk]

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