Update: First Full Trailer for Delirium

The trailer for Delirium (US-2012; dir. Jared Black) — an über promising horror thriller that we featured on the Backbrain last month — has premiered on Dread Central. The promise the film showed back then is certainly not diminishing!

Director Black also talked to Dread Central’s Doctor Gash on the subject of the film’s imminent release and his approach to making this “psychological/supernatural thriller”. Check it out. Though not wanting to go overboard in terms of FX and visceral impact, he describes one “confrontational” scene thus:

We had this demon girl just ripping guards apart. We’ve got a guy getting his eyes gouged out. We have the demon girl actually jamming her hand down somebody’s throat and ripping out the esophagus, and it’s really gritty and gruesome.

Shows restraint, eh? Nevertheless, this looks like a supernatural thriller that offers lots of suspenseful, creepy build-up, leading to a powerhouse climax — which is how I like ’em.

Source: Dread Central via Avery Guerra. Text: Robert Hood.

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