In Production: Biest [aka Beast]

Austrian independent filmmaker Stefan Müller’s latest genre thriller — a monster movie titled Biest [aka Beast] — is currently in the early stages of production, so there isn’t much Undead Backbrain could get from the ambitious young director by way of information or images. The best we could determine is that Biest “is about a young couple who spend a peaceful weekend on a remote mountain cabin — until an old and forgotten creature gets after them.”

We do know it is the first Austrian “creepy, gory Monster Movie” and that Müller’s production company, Loom, will be more intent on targeting the film at an international audience than they were with their previous alien invasion film, Tartarus (as reported by Undead Backbrain).

There are, however, two available teaser trailers:

[youtube j6pCXhiecEA]

[youtube FxRrtEgzlwM]

We will tell you more when we hear more ourselves.

Source: Stefan Müller via Avery Guerra. Check out the Facebook page for further updates.

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2 Responses to In Production: Biest [aka Beast]

  1. Yugagarin says:

    Let me guess… Bigfoot????

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