Fear Force Five is Released!

The first three episodes of Jack Perez’s giant monster adventure series is up and running — and is really something to behold!

fear-force-fiveEp1-01Giant monsters, smart dialogue, giant zombie pirate with shark in its skull, sex, good practical FX, giant monsters, humour, excitement …. did I mention the giant pirate?

And it’s free.

You can read about the show straight from the creator’s mouth here on Undead Backbrain: Fear Force Five: Weird Kaiju Hit the Web.

Check out the Cinefix Channel’s FF5 page. Note that there are also Behind the Scenes videos available, along with a game based on the series.

Episode 1:

[youtube LJiguSHouOs]

Episode 2:

[youtube 0fYwppCAYpc]

Episode 3:

[youtube _PDZ1SwHJbE]

My favourite of the viewer comments so far is “if you watch closely you will see its fake”. Really? Damn, and I thought it was all a friggin’ newsreel!

How could you trick us like that, Jack?


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3 Responses to Fear Force Five is Released!

  1. Thank you for linking to this. It was fun watch and I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes.

  2. Ron Fontes says:

    “if you watch closely you will see it is fake”? Doesn’t that remark scare you?
    I once drew a caricature of a kid who wanted to be drawn as Bart Simpson. I put a copyright notice (Matt Groening) on it. The kid asked why. I said “Because he created Bart.” The kid said, in all seriousness, “Bart’s not real?” For years now I have wondered how that kid sees the world. Same with the nut who determined an animated giant pirate was “fake.”

  3. Robert Hood says:

    It’s the power of imagination, Ron, and what makes art work. Unfortunately some people have so weak a grip on reality that the link dividing it from fantasy disappears. In this case, they can’t learn from the fantasy either.

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