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India’s Most Expensive Robot

Said to be the most expensive film yet made in India, Endhiran [aka The Robot] (India-2010; dir. S. Shankar) is full of bizarre effects, action, singing and dancing — everything we might expect from Bollywood, in fact. More, it’s got … Continue reading

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Is That A Monster, Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes (US-2010; dir. Rachel Goldenberg) [Note: This review involves some spoilers.] In the Asylum’s latest monster mash (preceding the upcoming Mega Piranha), Sherlock Holmes pits his deductive skills against a slew of monsters, mostly large ones. There is, of … Continue reading

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Bizarre Life Institute: The Trilogy — Part 2: The Blood

Continued from Bizarre Life Institute: The Trilogy — Part 1. Images of Harconia: In mid-January Undead Backbrain introduced you to the work of Peter Montgomery, specifically an ambitious project called the Bizarre Life Institute (B.L.I.) — three films set in … Continue reading

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Robot 13 vs the Cyclops

In Issue Three of Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford’s excellent new comic series, Robot 13, the titular metal-and-bone hero gets some light shed on his past: Meanwhile, having dealt with a Kraken in Issue One and an angry Phoenix in … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Robots Rampant

We haven’t had a Weekend Fright Flick lately, but the first of 2010 is a beaut. The main feature is Hanger No. 5 (US-2008; short [11:10 min]; dir. Nathan Matsuda). It’s rather like a minor scifi action blockbuster. Philip Klein, … Continue reading

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Gigantor Dressed Up In Brand New Pixels

The Japanese giant robot Tetsujin 28 has had many incarnations. Created in manga form in 1956 (written and illustrated by Mitsuteru Yokoyama), it spawned several anime series, was renamed as “Gigantor” for US TV, and appeared in a recent live-action … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Ataque de Pánico!

You must watch this short film! Yes, you must! There’s no argument. It’s an almost poetically beautiful alien invasion via an armada of space ships and giant robots, with superb SFX and apocalyptic destruction, all to the music of John … Continue reading

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More Monsters for Robot 13!

In this second issue in the sensational new comic series by Thomas Hall (writer) and Daniel Bradford (artist), Robot 13: Colossus!, our strange robotic hero must face up to an important ontological question, one directed at him by a crew … Continue reading

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Yatterman: The Movie

Costumed superheroes and sexy super-villian. Semi-mechanoid mutant henchmen. Huge mechanical dog. Giant robots. Rampant dinosaurs. Nuclear holocaust. Japanese pop songs. Weird dance routines. Takashi Miike. What more can I say? Yatterman [aka Yattâman] (Japan-2009; dir. Takashi Miike) Trailer: Trailer 2: … Continue reading

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Assault Girls Shine

The newly released official trailer for Assault Girls [aka Asaruto gâruzu] (Japan-2009; dir. Mamoru Oshii) represents a massive upgrade on even the great potential we’ve seen before: Synopsis: In the aftermath of global thermonuclear war, the Earth’s surface has been … Continue reading

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