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Retro Alien Stars of Men in Black III

The long-awaited second sequel to Men in Black — creatively titled Men in Black III (US-2012; dir. Barry Sonnenfeld) — opens this coming weekend. Check out this cool picture of some of the aliens from the film, wonderfully designed to … Continue reading

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Zombies from Outer Space

A B-film from the 1950s or 60s, right? Wrong! It’s Zombies from Outer Space (Germany-2010; dir. Martin Faltermeier), though the retro vibe seems to be the intention. Writer/director Martin Faltermeier’s Zombies from Outer Space clearly references the low-budget science fiction … Continue reading

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New: Alien vs Ninja

So we’ve had AVP: Alien vs Predator (not to mention Aliens vs Predator), AVH: Alien vs Hunter (hint: that’s the Asylum one), GVA: Yûrei vs. uchûjin 03 (that’s Ghost vs Alien), ZCVAT: Zombie Cop vs. the Alien Terror (no, really…), … Continue reading

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First World: New Designs on the Future

First World (US-2007; dir. Adam Starr) is a both a short scifi film and an on-going project that aims to result in a full-length feature. I first interviewed writer and producer Mark Lund back in 2007, when I was programming … Continue reading

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