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Pacific Rim: Full Official Trailer

Oh, yes. Go, Guillermo! [youtube 5guMumPFBag]

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Little Mechanical Critters Infest the Woods

Here’s another take on monster infestation as seen through the eyes of participants, made in the mockumentary style of The Troll Hunter [trolls], District 9 [aliens], Monsters [alien organisms] and, most famously, The Blair Witch Project [a dead witch] (or … Continue reading

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Pacific Rim Synopsis

The first lengthy synopsis for Guillermo Del Toro’s new monster film Pacific Rim certainly gives a clearer picture of what we’re in for than does the earlier mundane IMDb summary: “When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots … Continue reading

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Retro Alien Stars of Men in Black III

The long-awaited second sequel to Men in Black — creatively titled Men in Black III (US-2012; dir. Barry Sonnenfeld) — opens this coming weekend. Check out this cool picture of some of the aliens from the film, wonderfully designed to … Continue reading

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A Rim By Any Other Name

Well, giant monster fans — and devotees of Guillermo del Toro — are well aware that his next big film, in the absence of backing for the much mourned In the Mountains of Madness, is Pacific Rim. Due out in … Continue reading

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Tartarus: New Austrian Invasion

With Material Exclusive to Undead Backbrain Just before Cowboys and Aliens (US-2011; dir. Jon Favreau) hit screens throughout the world, an independent alien invasion film set in the historical past was released in Austria and Germany: Tartarus (Austria-2011; dir. Stefan … Continue reading

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