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Bio-Slime’s on DVD at Last

Remember Bio-Slime, the pinnacle of oozingly viral horror from John Lechago? (If not, see this previous Backbrain article and follow the links). Well, the good news is that it will be available on DVD from Media Blasters on 26 February … Continue reading

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Death and Demonic Attack in the Territory

A Backbrain Exclusive Coincidentally similar in theme to the film featured in the Backbrain’s previous post (Transcendence), this UK production looks like a stylish piece of work and well worth your attention. Synopsis: Four cars lie stranded on a dark … Continue reading

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Tartarus: New Austrian Invasion

With Material Exclusive to Undead Backbrain Just before Cowboys and Aliens (US-2011; dir. Jon Favreau) hit screens throughout the world, an independent alien invasion film set in the historical past was released in Austria and Germany: Tartarus (Austria-2011; dir. Stefan … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Zombie Film? Zombie Resurrection

An Exclusive Undead Backbrain Interview Mac (Jim Sweeney) gets up-close and personal with a rotten zombie (Leif Phelps) in Zombie Resurrection With its British accents and hints of thematic delving into some of the religious implications of zombieism, British splatterfest … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Phantom Shadow

An entirely understandable passion for 1940s pulp adventure/crime fiction culture has inspired filmmaker Mark Ross to undertake the always daunting task of making a movie of his own, intended to capture the style and aesthetic qualities of such influences as: … Continue reading

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Playing the Demon’s Rook

An Exclusive Interview with writer/director/monster-maker/artist James Sizemore [aka Loup’Rah Garomore] In the lively [irony intended] history of zombie movies, the 1980s was a gala decade for the demonic brand of undead. This was the time of classics such as Sam … Continue reading

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There’s a New Bug in Town

There’s a new bug in town — and though he doesn’t sound nearly as glamorous as the giant ants from Them!, he does get the attention of the local gals. He’s an earwig — a giant earwig — and what … Continue reading

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Update: Vampire in the Hole

Check out this fascinating “long trailer” for $1 film The Vampire in the Hole, written and directed by Sadrac González and Sonia Escolano for Lasoga Films, which Undead Backbrain featured last month. [youtube tqScjGWyEak] I continue to be amazed at … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Tentacles Are a Sign of Corruption

A few days ago I was talking about tentacles as a sign of Lovecraft’s Old Ones. Today we have new indie film where the tentacles aren’t so much Out There as In Here. And clearly they can make you very … Continue reading

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Zombies Arise!

If there’s one thing that zombies do with startling regularity, it’s ARISE. And ARISE again. And again. The modern zombie apocalypse phenomena, part of a 21st Century obsession with apocalypse as a whole but huge in its own right, has … Continue reading

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