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Queen Crab: Rampage Sequences

Brett Piper has shared with the Backbrain some scenes of giant crab rampage from his latest B-film monster epic, Queen Crab. Created in stop-motion glory, this suggests that monster fans and stop-motion animation aficionados are in for a real treat. … Continue reading

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Crabby Piper Update

Well, “crabby” in a good way… Independent producer Brett Piper’s tireless career in low-budget monster films continues with this report that his giant monster flick Queen Crab (which Undead Backbrain reported on back in August last year) has finished principle … Continue reading

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Of Giant Crabs and Lovecraft

Exclusive Details In the world of contemporary low-budget genre-film production, auteur Brett Piper is god! [Okay, maybe a demi-god…]  His deific stature is not simply a consequence of the volume of films he churns out but also the sheer, unbridled … Continue reading

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Watch out! The Muckman’s Here

Earlier this year I reviewed Brett Piper’s latest b-monster epic, the swamp-stained, ooze-splattered Muckman — from a screener copy. I liked it, despite its low-budget limitations, or maybe because of them. Anyway, now I find that my name appears on … Continue reading

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Update: Even Muckier

Muckman (US-2010; dir Brett Piper) A quick addition to the Backbrain’s growing accumulation of muck on the old-school independent monster flick, Muckman. Synopsis: Deep in the Blackwoods Forest, a sexy TV host, Asia Buchanan, and her crew of Producer, Cameraman … Continue reading

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