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Enormous News

The year 2014 is shaping up to be a big one for fans of giant monsters. This is not surprising, of course, as the much-anticipated, big-budget kaiju extravaganza Godzilla (US-2014; dir. Gareth Edwards) is due to hit screens in May. … Continue reading

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Godzilla ’94: Meet His Nemesis

This pretty well speaks for itself. Todd Tennant’s site (QT version of the trailer is available there) American Godzilla ’94: The Graphic Novel Thanks, Todd.

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Update: It Came From Beneath the Sea … Again

Kaiju artist Todd Tennant reports on his four-issue contribution to the Bluewater Productions series It Came From Beneath the Sea … Again, which is an extension of Ray Harryhausen’s classic five-tentacled giant octopus movie of nearly the same name: Well, … Continue reading

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