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Tarzan In India, With Cyclops

The mythic critter Cyclops, with one eye and optional horn, has turned up a few times in the history of cinema, usually in a cameo role. Though he did take the lead, sans horn, in the not-overly-memorable Cyclops (US-2008; dir. … Continue reading

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New Trailer for Galactic Raiders: Descendents of Harryhausen

Undead Backbrain has been rather quiet of late, and probably will be for a while, as I wrestle with the galleys of my upcoming horror/fantasy novel Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead as well as other somewhat more uncontrollable … Continue reading

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Intimations of Kong

For some time now Undead Backbrain has been following the evolution of a film based on artist Joe DeVito and writer Brad Strickland’s illustrated novel Kong: King of Skull Island  (see this article from 2009, for example). Rumours of its … Continue reading

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Sinbad Voyages Again in Dynamation!

At least one production studio — aptly named Giant Flick Films  —  is hell-bent on ensuring that their addition to a great cinematic tradition will replicate the sort of mythic monsters that made the originals so enchanting. Sinbad: The Fifth … Continue reading

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Update: It Came From Beneath the Sea … Again

Kaiju artist Todd Tennant reports on his four-issue contribution to the Bluewater Productions series It Came From Beneath the Sea … Again, which is an extension of Ray Harryhausen’s classic five-tentacled giant octopus movie of nearly the same name: Well, … Continue reading

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