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Bermuda Tentacles: There’s More Than Three Sides to this Triangle

It’s called Bermuda Tentacles, it’s directed by Nick Lyon (Grendel, Species: The Awakening, Rise of the Zombies), and it’s the Next Big Thing from mockbuster studio, The Asylum, in collaboration with the SyFy Channel. It stars singer/popstar/actress Mya Harrison, Trevor … Continue reading

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The Case of the Steampunk Holmes: An Interview With Rachel Goldenberg

Rachel Goldenberg has directed several films, including the 2008 family/faith-friendly Sunday School Musical (that’s her in the picture above, on the right, with choreographer Cheryl Baxter). But since 2007 or so she has been one of the mainstays of low-budget … Continue reading

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Update: It Came From Beneath the Sea … Again

Kaiju artist Todd Tennant reports on his four-issue contribution to the Bluewater Productions series It Came From Beneath the Sea … Again, which is an extension of Ray Harryhausen’s classic five-tentacled giant octopus movie of nearly the same name: Well, … Continue reading

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