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first introduced in Mosura [trans. Mothra]
(Japan-1961; dir. Ishiro Honda) [aka Mothra (US, 1962)]
and then she co-starred in Mosura tai Gojira [trans. Mothra vs Godzilla]
(1964; dir. Ishiro Honda) [aka Godzilla vs. The Thing (US-1964)]

Mosura poster

Listen, when the girls came to us, we did nothing to help them, so why would they help us? [from Godzilla vs Mothra (1964)]

A giant moth seems simple enough, right? A giant moth that is a deity to the inhabitants of an irradiated island (most commonly known as “Infant Island”)? A moth that is mankind’s only hope against Godzilla? A moth that is perpetually reborn, but is willing to fight for “good relations” even in its larval state? And what about a magical giant moth that can take on various forms, including “Fairy Mothra”: a tiny form that can spread into many; “Mecha-Mothra”: an armored version of the titular beast; and “Aqua-Mothra”: an aquatic take on the creature? This mystical creature never ceases to amaze with its endless array of magical tricks — and remains extremely popular in its home country. Best of all it comes equipped with two tiny twin magical singing fairies…

Mothra poster US

Fairy twins in captivity

Mothra larva

Mothra 1964

Mothra fights Godzilla

Mothra in space

Fairy Mothra:

Fairy Mothra


Aqua Mothra 1

Mothra Leo:

Mothra Leo

The original Japanese trailer for Mosura (1961):

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1 Response to Top 20 Craziest Kaiju: Number 3

  1. Avery says:

    Mothra never seizes to amaze no matter what form she takes on!! Always steals the show and leave the audience in awe.

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