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Blobs, Swamp Muck and Amorphous Things That Go Splat! in the Night

An Essay on a Globular Sub-genre by Robert Hood Given that violation of physical norms (being giant-sized, three-headed, lizard-scaled, part-snake/bat/bear/lion/dragon/Bobo-the-Clown, you name it) is one of the defining attributes of a monster, it’s not surprising that some of the most … Continue reading


Early Vampire Cinema 1916 to 1974: Part 2

Continued from Early Vampire Cinema 1916 to 1974: Part 1 Part 2: From Lugosi to Lee If Dracula dominated popular imagination as the defining representative of vampire kind up until recent times, it was Hungarian actor Béla Lugosi whose performance … Continue reading


Early Vampire Cinema 1916 to 1974: Part 1

The following two-part article was written for Mark Deniz’s excellent Vampire Awareness Month, which is still running on his blog. Go there to check out a plethora of top-notch writings on the subject of vampires, ranging from reviews of significant … Continue reading


Infestation by Giant Insects!

The full title of this Modern Mechanics article from December 1930 read “Will Monster Insects Rule the World?” Though offered here as a mere speculative possibility, the idea that giant insects will eventually dominate life on Earth is one that … Continue reading


He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains, Part 2

I was in Sydney’s Chinatown recently, negotiating a tiresome crowd of zombies, when I bumped into a tall, shuffling figure wearing a trenchcoat, scalf and hat, even though it wasn’t all that cold. It was only as I apologised and … Continue reading


He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains, Part 1

As comic giant monsters go, Fin Fang Foom is one of the green-blooded aristocrats. Ranging in size somewhere between 32 feet and 100 feet (though he has been known to be reductive enough to sit in a park playing chess … Continue reading