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Cinema of the Backbrain Presents: Attack of the Daikaiju Cats

Some time ago, the following image appeared in one of the Worth1000 thematic image-creation competitions — a lovely piece of digital manipulation using the latest Photoshop technology (created by “boofhead”): But the idea of a rampaging giant cat didn’t begin … Continue reading

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Breaking News: The Moggies Are Back for a Third Helping of Human Flesh

Schlock patriarch Ted V. Mikels, whose blood-drenched exploitation films were grindhouse regulars back in the 1970s, has revealed to Undead Backbrain that a third sequel to one of his classics is about to start filming. His 1971 camp horror classic … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Catzilla

It might be brief, but it’s cute… Thanks, Avery!

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Simon’s Cat: Fly Guy

Yay! Another Simon’s Cat cartoon has appeared. Love ’em! More Simon’s Cat

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Godzilla Wannabes #2345

Source: via Cat Sparks

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Simon’s Cat: TV Dinner

This guy’s been spying on us…. It cracks me up! Animated by Simon Tofield of Tandem films.

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New Monster Flick?

Soon to go into production — and starring Nemo (aka “Mister White”) — is Fantom Feline Against the Dragon. Peter Jackson was set to direct, but when Nemo (who wrote the script) refused to change the title to The Hobbit, … Continue reading

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Let Me In!

Here’s another great cat cartoon. Happens to me all the time:

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Simon’s Cat: Wake-Up Call

This is frighteningly accurate! Animated by Simon Tofield of Tandem films.

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