Cinema of the Backbrain Presents: Attack of the Daikaiju Cats

Some time ago, the following image appeared in one of the Worth1000 thematic image-creation competitions — a lovely piece of digital manipulation using the latest Photoshop technology (created by “boofhead”):

But the idea of a rampaging giant cat didn’t begin here. Before this, animator Terry Gilliam defended the world from a plague of Killer Cars in the Monty Python’s Flying Circus episode: “How To Recognize Different Parts of The Body” (1970), using not digital manipulation but hand-crafted cut-out methods:

And of course the Goodies inflicted London with a rampaging real-life kitten in the form of “Kitten Kong” (1971), using miniature sets and super-imposed video:

Now, after a bit of a hiatus, however, the Cinema of the Backbrain brings you the latest daikaiju cat — Catzilla. This brief tale of a giant laser-eyed feline and his downfall was created as a demo video by Poland’s Plastic Demoscene Group in collaboration with Platige Image using spectacular state-of-the-art digital animation:

Though the Goodies’ Kitten Kong might have provided more plot, Catzilla (Poland-2012; animation, short [approx. 2:43 min.]; dir. Bartlomiej Kik and Jakub Jablonski) offers a frenetic, eye-popping spectacle that is both fun and very, very cool.

Check it out on the Cinema of the Backbrain now.

Source: via Twitchfilm and Avery Guerra.

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2 Responses to Cinema of the Backbrain Presents: Attack of the Daikaiju Cats

  1. I was always sad that Kitten Kong was one of the least repeated episodes of The Goodies, especially as it was in their intro. I love the image you included first – very well done!

  2. Robert Hood says:

    Yeah, “Kitten Kong” is one of the best Goodies episodes, no question. At least it has been included on one of their DVDs. Mind you, it beats me why ALL the Goodies episodes haven’t been released on DVD! They must still exist. I have (somewhere) a VHS tape that has the lot, taped by a friend off one of the Pay channels a few years ago.

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