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Cinema of the Backbrain Presents: Attack of the Daikaiju Cats

Some time ago, the following image appeared in one of the Worth1000 thematic image-creation competitions — a lovely piece of digital manipulation using the latest Photoshop technology (created by “boofhead”): But the idea of a rampaging giant cat didn’t begin … Continue reading

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Kong: King of the Apps

New approaches to storytelling are running rampant through the jungles of Skull Island, it seems. Though the film based on artist Joe DeVito and writer Brad Strickland’s illustrated novel Kong: King of Skull Island hasn’t materialised as yet (see this … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds: Goliath Trailer

New trailer for the animated steam-punk sequel to H.G.Wells’ War of the Worlds — War of the Worlds: Goliath (US-2011; dir. Joe Pearson) Source: Quiet Earth via Avery Guerra

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Review: Painting Giant Robots and Monsters

Godaizer (Singapore-2011; short [18:43 min.]; dir. Hillary Yeo) Reviewed by Robert Hood Mecha is one of the most popular sub-categories of anime and has produced some of the best and longest-running animated sci-fi series ever. Though quintessentially Japanese when considered … Continue reading

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Zevastator GORGAROJ: Training the Monsterson!

Youthful filmmakers Benjamin Chee and Elvin Siew have created a short, daikaiju-inspired animated film — and it deserves to be noticed. Stylistically unique, with beautiful colouring and a wonderful sense of humour, Zevastator GORGAROJ draws for its inspiration on Son … Continue reading

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Giant Squid!

We all like a good bit of giant squid action. Artist Maxwell Perry (pictured below) is intent on providing some in a short animated film called Giant Squid. The film, produced through Dimly Lit Films (“Fine Purveyor of Short Animated … Continue reading

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