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Exclusive: Kanigar, a Giant Monster Film in the Making?

According to up-and-coming UK filmmaker, Bevin Wright, Undead Backbrain (along with Monster Island News) were a source of information and inspiration when he began working on his stand-alone giant monster trailer. Whatever the inspiration — and classic 1950s creature features … Continue reading

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There’s a New Bug in Town

There’s a new bug in town — and though he doesn’t sound nearly as glamorous as the giant ants from Them!, he does get the attention of the local gals. He’s an earwig — a giant earwig — and what … Continue reading

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VelociPastor: Is This a Movie You Want to See?

Here’s an unusual blend of subgenres. It’s American Werewolf in London meets Jurassic Park (or maybe Carnosaur), with more than a dash of The Incredible Hulk! It’s The Exorcist sequel we never saw, where the conflicted priest becomes a superhero … Continue reading

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The Return of the Giant Norwegian Egg

Remember the Egg? You don’t? How could you forget Norway’s first cinematic giant monster, released upon the world in the short teaser Giant Egg Attack! Go to this Undead Backbrain article right now to whet your appetite. Exciting news today … Continue reading

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Fin Fang Foom To Cameo in Iron Man 2

According to ScreenRant, Marvel’s most aristocratic giant monster, the Great Dragon Fin Fang Foom, will be making an appearance in Iron Man 2 (US-2010; dir. Jon Favreau). Don’t get too excited though, as he will only be there as an … Continue reading

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First World: New Designs on the Future

First World (US-2007; dir. Adam Starr) is a both a short scifi film and an on-going project that aims to result in a full-length feature. I first interviewed writer and producer Mark Lund back in 2007, when I was programming … Continue reading

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King of Skull Island Newly Released

Persistent rumours that a film version of Joe DeVito (artist) and Brad Strickland’s illustrated novel Kong: King of Skull Island is underway were confirmed on the Ray Bradbury panel of the San Diego Comicon last July — though when it … Continue reading

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New Daikaiju Appears Through a Fog of Obscurity

A previously unknown and unsuspected Japanese giant monster film has just come to light — one that resonates backwards right to the start of the daikaiju eiga tradition. What is it? You’ll have to read on to find out. Background … Continue reading

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Visions of War Eagles

After the excitement of finding the eBay site from a while back when Willis O’Brien’s materials relating to his aborted project War Eagles were put up for sale, it’s even more exciting to have been sent another group of production … Continue reading

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War Eagles Memorabilia

An Undead Backbrain article on the never-made Willis O’Brien project War Eagles remains one of this site’s most read entries, one which continues to generate interest. Now correspondent Richfrog has drawn my attention to the fact that pictures and other … Continue reading

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