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Exclusive: First View of The Millennium Bug Trailer

The official trailer for the hillbilly/giant monster/alien bug movie The Millennium Bug (US-2011; dir. Kenneth Cran) has just been released and you can see it first here on Undead Backbrain. Note that it’s totally free of CGI monsters. The filmmakers … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Tentacles Are a Sign of Corruption

A few days ago I was talking about tentacles as a sign of Lovecraft’s Old Ones. Today we have new indie film where the tentacles aren’t so much Out There as In Here. And clearly they can make you very … Continue reading

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Exclusive: A Visit to the Apothecary

Apothecary — noun: a druggist, pharmacist; (esp. in England and Ireland) a druggist licensed to prescribe medicine. Origin: 1325–75;  ME (< OF) < ML apothēcārius  seller of spices and drugs, LL: shopkeeper, equiv. to L apothēc ( a ) shop, … Continue reading

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Faster, Monstro! Kill! Kill!: An Interview with Stuart Simpson

A new Australian film that pits four gorgeous but deadly women against a weird tentacled monster from the deeps, El Monstro del Mar (Aust-2010; dir. Stuart Simpson) has been causing much excited talk around the internet (see the earlier article … Continue reading

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