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Legendary Rises from the Tomb

New Discovery There’s another cryptid on the loose — and this one is a big, nasty dragon-like reptile, looking to contribute to the ongoing history of giant monsters in cinema. The film has gone through several name-changes (Legendary: The Shocate … Continue reading

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Sucker Punch Hits the Blogsphere

Director Zack Snyder (of the Dawn of the Dead remake and, more pertinently as it happens, Watchmen and 300) has hit on a winner here, I reckon. Sucker Punch not only sports an somewhat off-beat scenario, but from all appearances … Continue reading

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The Case of the Steampunk Holmes: An Interview With Rachel Goldenberg

Rachel Goldenberg has directed several films, including the 2008 family/faith-friendly Sunday School Musical (that’s her in the picture above, on the right, with choreographer Cheryl Baxter). But since 2007 or so she has been one of the mainstays of low-budget … Continue reading

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Moby Dick Goes Dragon

Herman Melville’s seminal American novel, Moby Dick, has always been a giant monster tale, particularly as depicted in what remains the best film version, the 1956 John Huston one starring Gregory Peck as the obsessed Captain Ahab. If you can’t … Continue reading

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