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Ignorance is Bliss

This is excellent! Art by Elden Ardiente. Source: Deviant Art; shared by Kean Gilbert via Marianne Plumridge

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Forward to the Past with George and a Big Squid: Exclusive

As Undead Backbrain heads into the new year, it’s rather appropriate that the first new film on offer is an Australian pseudo-historical comedy-drama featuring a giant squid. George Jones and the Giant Squid was written and directed by Dan Osborn and … Continue reading

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Remind Me! How Many Tentacles Should It Have?

Giant squids and their mega-cephalopodic partners-in-crime, giant octopi, have a fruitful life in and out of the cinema. They are probably one of the few fantasy creatures that have genuine real-life equivalents. Sure, squids and octopi from the real world … Continue reading

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Giant Squid!

We all like a good bit of giant squid action. Artist Maxwell Perry (pictured below) is intent on providing some in a short animated film called Giant Squid. The film, produced through Dimly Lit Films (“Fine Purveyor of Short Animated … Continue reading

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