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A Giant Gila Monster for Christmas

Including an Exclusive Interview by Robert Hood with the Star of the Film The producers of Jim Wynorski’s giant monster remake Gila! are currently whipping up a grassroots campaign to get the film — much lauded among B-Movie Celebration attendees … Continue reading

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New: Snow Beast

Cryptozoological horror films seem to be on the ascendant right now. Fortunately we here at Undead Backbrain are amongst those who think there can’t be too many. Over the years there have been a few Abominable Snowman or Yeti movies. … Continue reading

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Sharktopus Trailer

Be part of the ongoing collision between shark, octopus and the human quest for novelty monsters by celebrating Undead Backbrain’s 1001st post with the new extended trailer for the Roger Corman produced SyFy monster flick Sharktopus (US-2010; dir. Declan O’Brien). … Continue reading

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