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New: Ultraman Zero

The latest entry in the unending tokusatsu (special effects) franchise Ultraman — Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire (Japan-2010; dir. Yuichi Abe)  — appears to continues the trend away from men and monsters in increasingly … Continue reading

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Zombies. Tits. Dragon?

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can add, except that it seems as though the infamous Takao Nakano’s The Big Tits Dragon is being released in the West as “Big Tits Zombie” — a title that’s probably inaccurate but clearly indicates that … Continue reading

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Slime on the Walls of the Spaceship

Highly respected Japanese filmmaker, Kinji Fukasaku, who died in 2003 at the age of 73, having just directed a hugely successful sci-fi/horror satire, was responsible for several classics of Japanese, and indeed world, cinema. His films include the “The Yakuza … Continue reading

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It’s a MM(+9)ystery!

This post is about a mystery contained in a mystery. Last week Undead Backbrain’s Avery Guerra stumbled upon a video posted to YouTube by tomoro55 — a Channel that concentrates on the work of Japanese director Kiyotaka Taguchi. Taguchi is … Continue reading

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A 9 on the Monster Magnitude Scale!

Great news for daikaiju fans! It has been confirmed that Japanese SFX wizard Shinji Higuchi (best known as the man behind the excellent effects for Shusuke Kaneko’s Gamera re-boot trilogy, which set the standard for daikaiju eiga imagery in the … Continue reading

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Great Space Monster Darkmatton

He’s made of dark matter, he’s really big, he destroys cities with bursts of destructive energy. He’s Darkmatton, a new kaiju created by director Yohei Miyawaki for his short animated film, Great Space Monster Darkmatton. Yohei Miyawaki (pictured below) is … Continue reading

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Update: Alien vs Ninja

Here’s the trailer for Alien vs Ninja (Japan-2010; dir. Seiji Chiba), a must-see exploitation mash-up from the newly formed Sushi Typhoon. Yuji Shimomura (Versus, Aragami, Alive, Death Trance) is handling the fight choreography. Synopsis: Once upon a time in Japan, … Continue reading

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Trailer Trash Catch-All

The Backbrain has been under strain due to an overdue novel manuscript and recalcitrant software, so I’ve fallen behind with a bunch of updates. Lacking the time to write any sort of extensive commentary, below you’ll find trailers (and some … Continue reading

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New: Alien vs Ninja

So we’ve had AVP: Alien vs Predator (not to mention Aliens vs Predator), AVH: Alien vs Hunter (hint: that’s the Asylum one), GVA: Yûrei vs. uchûjin 03 (that’s Ghost vs Alien), ZCVAT: Zombie Cop vs. the Alien Terror (no, really…), … Continue reading

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A Rival for Gamera?

Well, this one  — though it features a giant turtle — seems to be the product of a completely different genre to that of the Friend of Children — a daikaiju eiga subgenre all its own. In fact it looks … Continue reading

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