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Outing the Lake Champlain Monster

It seems every decent-sized lake with dark, murky waters is home to a monster — or at least to a legend of one. Most of them are, like the infamous Nessie in Scotland’s Loch Ness, rather plesiosaurian or at least … Continue reading

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Little Mechanical Critters Infest the Woods

Here’s another take on monster infestation as seen through the eyes of participants, made in the mockumentary style of The Troll Hunter [trolls], District 9 [aliens], Monsters [alien organisms] and, most famously, The Blair Witch Project [a dead witch] (or … Continue reading

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Backwood Horror Emerges From the Forest

Lost Woods (US-2010; dir. Nathan and Philip Ellering) A monster-thriller written and directed by the Ellering Bros. Director of Photography: Lance Kuhns. Cast: Joey Brown, Garrett Vander Leun, Nina Brissey, Phillip Ellering and Nathan Ellering. A few days ago we … Continue reading

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Big Troll Sighted

I’ve always thought of trolls as large and monstrous, but a new Norwegian monster film seems to have upped the ante considerably. Apparently (as you can see from the trailer below) the filmmakers have hitherto been careful to keep the … Continue reading

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It’s a MM(+9)ystery!

This post is about a mystery contained in a mystery. Last week Undead Backbrain’s Avery Guerra stumbled upon a video posted to YouTube by tomoro55 — a Channel that concentrates on the work of Japanese director Kiyotaka Taguchi. Taguchi is … Continue reading

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New: Haunting of Winchester House

The Asylum’s latest film doesn’t so much make exploitative reference to an upcoming blockbuster, but to a “terrifying true story”. It is the story of a mansion in California, once the residence of Sarah Winchester, widow of gun magnate William … Continue reading

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In Cryptozoological News…

A new discovery — the Bearsharktopus: Source: BoingBoing via David Carroll

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Another Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster (US-2005; short [15 min.]; dir. Benjamin Williams) A terrible encounter with the Loch Ness Monster haunts a woman her entire life. This short, but ambitious-looking film stars Dee Wallace Stone (among others) and won the soundtrack … Continue reading

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Black Box 2


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