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Zombie Get-Together: The Reunion

Of his new zombie film, The Reunion, writer/director Jeff Stewart comments: “It’s a cross between HBO’s hit series The Wire and the zombie film Dawn of the Dead…  an urban zombie flick.” Blending imagery, themes and story elements from both … Continue reading

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The Domestication of Gorgo

It happens to all the Big Ones. They start out fierce and dangerous, and end up getting domesticated. Once some sort of franchise kicks in, they’re doomed; the monsters gradually go from being an outright menace, to being a familiar, … Continue reading

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The Goon, Animated

I love Eric Powell’s irreverent, tongue-in-cheek, old-school comic series The Goon, which is full to the brim with black humour, zombies and even the odd giant monster. Relishing its occasionally Kirbyesque influences, but totally unique in itself, The Goon features … Continue reading

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New Godzilla Director Announced

So, as everyone and their pet kaiju knows by now, the director of Legendary Pictures’ highly anticipated Godzilla re-boot, due in 2012 just before the world ends, is to be Gareth Edwards. Edwards, you may recall, is a British filmmaker … Continue reading

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Getting an Inkling of the Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is a new independent film that directors Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman of Red Letter Media describe as “a tongue-in-cheek homage to the rubber puppet monster movies of the 80s such as Critters, Ghoulies, and all the other … Continue reading

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Zevastator GORGAROJ: Training the Monsterson!

Youthful filmmakers Benjamin Chee and Elvin Siew have created a short, daikaiju-inspired animated film — and it deserves to be noticed. Stylistically unique, with beautiful colouring and a wonderful sense of humour, Zevastator GORGAROJ draws for its inspiration on Son … Continue reading

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Gallery of Bachrach Kong Art

Recently put up for auction is an amazing archive of original camera negatives, with modern contact prints of each, by Ernest A. Bachrach, dating from 1933 and the production of one of the world’s greatest monster films. Bachrach was the … Continue reading

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Possible Legendary Pictures Godzilla Design?

**Please note** The following article does not (and never did) say that the first two designs below are without a doubt the genuine article. A claim was made and I reported it as such, with various indications that there was … Continue reading

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Aussiecon 4 and Shaun Tan

This typically whimsical sketch by great Australian artist and illustrator Shaun Tan adorns the cover of Aussiecon 4 Progress Report #2, celebrating the fact that Shaun is one of three Guests of Honour at this year’s 68th World Science Fiction … Continue reading

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G’94 Risen!

So a few days ago, we showed you Todd Tennant’s latest picture — of Godzilla rising — for his graphic novelisation of the rejected Ted Elliott/Terry Rossio 1994 Godzilla screenplay. Well, I can’t resist! Here’s the follow-up (click on the … Continue reading

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