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Zombies from Outer Space

A B-film from the 1950s or 60s, right? Wrong! It’s Zombies from Outer Space (Germany-2010; dir. Martin Faltermeier), though the retro vibe seems to be the intention. Writer/director Martin Faltermeier’s Zombies from Outer Space clearly references the low-budget science fiction … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: It Came From Beyond the Mountain

So you reckon “they don’t make ’em like that any more”? Well, maybe they do. Director Douglas Bankston’s retro-50s giant monster film, It Came From Beyond the Mountain is here presented in its full 10:38 minute version. According to Bankston, … Continue reading

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Update: House of the Wolf Man

The retro-horror flick, House of the Wolf Man (US-2009; dir. Eben McGarr) — a logical modern addition to Universal’s monster mashes, House of Frankenstein (US-1944; dir. Erle C. Kenton) and House of Dracula (US-1945; dir. Erle C. Kenton) — picked … Continue reading

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Pseudo Grindhouse Movie Marathon

Taking a retro approach to films isn’t new. A retro sensibility can make both low-budget and not-so-low-budget films look extra classy, if done well. Designers love the idea. Or maybe it’s just nostalgia. In any case, there have been many … Continue reading

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Max Neptune to the Rescue!

If ever there was a retro film that captures the gaudy, innocent sci-fi thrills of space serials from the 1940s and 1950s, Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid (US-2010; dir. John Garside and Colin Fleming) looks like it’s the one.  … Continue reading

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Mummies, Pteradactyls and Luc Besson

There is something extraordinarily appealing about retro scifi and fantasy tales set in an historical context, introducing monsters and steampunk technology into what is an otherwise familiar past. The Indiana Jones films drew on that appeal — as did The … Continue reading

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Planet of the Vampire Women

In Monster from Bikini Beach (US-2008; dir. Darin Wood), independent producer Christy Savage and director Wood worked assorted monster-loose-among-bikini-babes tropes to create a retro 1960s exploitation flick that was colourful and lots of fun. Now Savage has revealed that her … Continue reading

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Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid

Retro genre films seem to be on the rise. We’re not talking remakes here, but rather films that deliberately take on the aesthetic and narrative characteristics of past B-film types, usually for humorous effect. One example that springs to mind … Continue reading

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Beast From Haunted Planet

This concept trailer was made in 2006 by Terry Howald “as a previz for a future feature film project”. It offers excellent iconic 1950s rocketships and rayguns and the prospect of a gigantic alien creature. Beast from Haunted Planet from … Continue reading

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The Elementals

One of the famous “lost” films occupying the shelves of the Willis O’Brien Memorial Film Archive (you know, the one that exists in an alternate reality — a reality that we’re bound to stumble upon one day) is Ray Harryhausen’s … Continue reading

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