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Exclusive: An Invasion of Russian Spores

Maksim Dyachuk is a young independent Russian filmmaker. He’s virtually unknown in the industry worldwide, but that may change in the near future if ambition and talent have anything to do with it. Taking his cue from Gareth Edwards (who … Continue reading

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American Kaiju: Aligon Attacks!

Hot on the heels of his announcement that Bluewater Productions has contracted him to produce a series of American Kaiju comics, Todd Tennant has provided the Backbrain with a pic of another of his feature monsters — this time, Aligon … Continue reading

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Green Light in the Blackest Night

Okay, now I’m definitely interested. This is suddenly looking so close to spot-on, it has completely overturned my skepticism (exacerbated by the earlier, rather indifferent trailer) that they could effectively transform the epic DC comicbook franchise into a decent movie, … Continue reading

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The Monstro-Selachimorpha Subgenre

Not since Spielberg’s Jaws (1975) took the-shark-as-monster to a cinematic high-point (and turned the exploitation film into a tentpole Hollywood blockbuster tradition in the process) has the shark been so monstrously omnipresent on film. They’re everywhere. Swarming in their thousands … Continue reading

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Leading the Latest Cuban Revolution

And now… a Spanish-Cuban zombie comedy called Juan of the Dead [aka Juan de los Muertos](no prizes for guessing what this is ripping off), written and directed by Alejandro Brugués, produced by Gervasio Iglesias, Inti Herrera and Claudia Calviño, and … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis: Unleashing the Bug — Exclusive

One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He lay on his armour-like back, and if he lifted his head a little he could see his brown belly, … Continue reading

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Big Girls Don’t Cry… They Stomp!

Giantess fetishists out there can prepare to get excited. Coming in 2011 (probably the second quarter) is Apocalypse, CA (written and directed by Chad Peter) — a dark comedy with cult status pretensions (not a bad thing) that includes an … Continue reading

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Interview with Daniel Lee: Ocho and Beyond

Director? Artist? Auteur? I’m just a guy who loves movies. As we’ve seen many times of late, the best way to make a micro-budget sci-fi horror film these days is to make a homage to low-budget monster flicks from the … Continue reading

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New: Extraction

Maybe you’ve seen this picture before: It’s reportedly of a camel spider taken in the Middle East. OK, it’s big, though after this picture did the rounds of the internet some spoilsport pointed out how the arachnid is being held … Continue reading

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Future Fighters: The Next Big Thing?

In the 22nd Century, the darkest region of space lies in the hearts of men. News of a huge in-development 3D SFX extravaganza from China-based production company Agog Films — with multi-national backing and creative input — has hit the … Continue reading

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