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Get Ready to Pounce!

A Backbrain Exclusive Secret government/military experimentation, whether based on genetic manipulation and chimaera creation or research into the use of alien creatures or cryptids for military purposes is a major theme in modern cinema and TV, post X-Files. A new … Continue reading

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In Production: Biest [aka Beast]

Austrian independent filmmaker Stefan Müller’s latest genre thriller — a monster movie titled Biest [aka Beast] — is currently in the early stages of production, so there isn’t much Undead Backbrain could get from the ambitious young director by way … Continue reading

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Lovechild of Audrey II and The Thing?

A Backbrain Exclusive Good friend and supremo artist Nick Stathopoulos — whose “Toy Porn” exhibitions featuring super-realistic paintings of toys based on such iconic figures as Astroboy, Tin-Tin, Gigantor and the Thunderbirds are among the most astonishing and beautiful things … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Delirium Is About To Explode

Now here’s a new independent film I really want to see completed! [youtube Jirizdz8cXE] Delirium (US-2012; dir. Jared Black) is a new supernatural thriller that absolutely shrieks of promise. It’s currently in post-production with an anticipated release date of somewhere … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Inside the Details: New Exorcism Film

The Devil Inside (US-2012; dir. William Brent Bell), due for release in Australia on 1 March,  utilises some of the less-obnoxious qualities of the relatively new camera verité / found footage tradition — that is, it seems more controlled and … Continue reading

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We Have a Hulk!

Okay, so this extended teaser for the new Avengers movie, premiered during the Superbowl, is everywhere by now, but I have to run it anyway. [youtube rE09rUdpB94] Comment is pointless. Hit Google to get all the pointless speculation.

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When Is A Monster Not A Monster

A Backbrain Exclusive Indie writer/director Terence Krey wants his next film to be a horror movie that is more than a horror movie. Of course, this is the ideal in such matters. As a horror writer myself, I’m always conscious … Continue reading

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Let’s Drink to Danger 5!

SBS’s web series, Danger 5! The Diamond Girls has finished, but we already know Danger 5 is destined to return as a TV series on Australian TV’s SBS. The online show has proven extremely popular so far, loved for its … Continue reading

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When Faux Cicadas Get Real: A Backbrain Exclusive

At the moment The Attack of the Giant Killer Cicadas is the subject of a faux movie trailer for a 1950s style sci-fi/horror movie that doesn’t exist … but which, in the words of its creator “probably should!” You know … Continue reading

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Look! Up in the Sky…

Superman, right? No? Then maybe it’s Supergirl or Superboy. What about Superboy Prime, Bizarro Superman, Cyborg Superman, the Superman/Batman Composite Superman, Superman Red/Superman Blue, Super Mite, Krypto the Super Dog and (according to my Superman Encyclopedia) Supercat or Super Horse?  … Continue reading

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