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Exclusive: Poisoned — New Zombie Horror from Israel

Poisoned is a zombie comedy, filmed in Israel by David Lubetzky ( דידי לובצקי ) and currently in the final editing stages. Synopsis (short): What makes this night different from all nights? On this night, the army really marches on … Continue reading

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New: Argentinian Zombie Horror

Incidente (Argentina-2011; dir. Mariano Cattaneo) Argentinian writer/director Mariano Cattaneo and his crew have recently completed work on a zombie horror film that takes a camera verité or “faux documentary” approach to the genre, in the obvious tradition of [Rec] (Spain-2007; … Continue reading

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Review: Bringing the Zombies Home

Home (Australia-2010; short [approx. 11 min.]; dir. Cameron McCulloch) Aussie filmmaker Cameron McCulloch has produced a damn fine short zombie film in Home. Made for AUS$2,000, it is, as it were, but a moment in the Romeroesque, post-Night of the … Continue reading

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Zombies from Outer Space

A B-film from the 1950s or 60s, right? Wrong! It’s Zombies from Outer Space (Germany-2010; dir. Martin Faltermeier), though the retro vibe seems to be the intention. Writer/director Martin Faltermeier’s Zombies from Outer Space clearly references the low-budget science fiction … Continue reading

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Zombies Arise!

If there’s one thing that zombies do with startling regularity, it’s ARISE. And ARISE again. And again. The modern zombie apocalypse phenomena, part of a 21st Century obsession with apocalypse as a whole but huge in its own right, has … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Film: Paul Dowers Festival

This weekend’s Fright Flick Festival features a sequence of four low budget horror spoof films about a vengeful dummy — and a supernatural flick, A Vengefull Ghost. All are the work of producer/writer/director Paul Dowers, who set up Barking Mad … Continue reading

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Zombies. Tits. Dragon?

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can add, except that it seems as though the infamous Takao Nakano’s The Big Tits Dragon is being released in the West as “Big Tits Zombie” — a title that’s probably inaccurate but clearly indicates that … Continue reading

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Parasitic: It’ll Get Under Your Skin

Want zombies with your giant monster bugs? Well, we might just have the perfect movie for you! We have it reliably from writer/director Timothy Martin that Parasitic, which started life a few years back under the title “Black Licorice”, is … Continue reading

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Review: Trailer Park of Terror

Trailer Park of Terror (US-2008; dir. Steven Goldmann) Reviewed by Robert Hood Like some sort of unnatural horror spawned from the genetic residue of Rob Zombie, Herschell Gordon Lewis and the Crypt Keeper from EC Comics’ Tales From the Crypt … Continue reading

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Bizarre Life Institute: The Trilogy — Part 2: The Blood

Continued from Bizarre Life Institute: The Trilogy — Part 1. Images of Harconia: In mid-January Undead Backbrain introduced you to the work of Peter Montgomery, specifically an ambitious project called the Bizarre Life Institute (B.L.I.) — three films set in … Continue reading

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