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Exclusive: Rotgut Is Coming

You’ve no doubt seen bottles of mezcal con gusano with the worm in them? Maybe you’ve drunk the mezcal from one. Maybe you ate the worm. They told you it was safe, didn’t they? Well, maybe they lied! Rotgut is … Continue reading

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Review: Monsters

Monsters (US-2010; dir. Gareth Edwards) Reviewed by Robert Hood To some extent, the title tells the story. Monsters is indeed a movie with monsters in it. They’re big, very alien and of daikaiju proportions. But is Monsters a Monster Movie? … Continue reading

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A Lovecraftian Invasion 5: The Valdemar Legacy

With the cancellation of Guillermo Del Toro’s much-anticipated big-budget film adaptation of Lovecraft’s epic At the Mountains of Madness, the Lovecraft-inspired cinema invasion may have suffered a setback, but there are those who haven’t yet surrendered. Spanish filmmaker José Luis … Continue reading

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Building the Millennium Bug

Here’s the newly released official poster for The Millennium Bug (US-2011; dir. Kenneth Cran), the trailer for which premiered on Undead Backbrain a week or so ago: But that’s not all. The folk from The Squire Film Shoppe and No … Continue reading

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Creeping in Reptile Flesh Reprint

It was announced today that Morrigan Books — “Specialists in Dark Fiction” — are re-printing my 2009 collection, Creeping in Reptile Flesh, as part of their e-book series, for the international market.  The distribution for the first edition was somewhat … Continue reading

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Blobs, Swamp Muck and Amorphous Things That Go Splat! in the Night

An Essay on a Globular Sub-genre by Robert Hood Given that violation of physical norms (being giant-sized, three-headed, lizard-scaled, part-snake/bat/bear/lion/dragon/Bobo-the-Clown, you name it) is one of the defining attributes of a monster, it’s not surprising that some of the most … Continue reading

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Review: Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Redux

Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Redux (orig. Kôkaku kidôtai; Japan-1995; dir. Mamoru Oshii) Reviewed by Robert Hood Anyone who knows anything about anime knows Ghost in the Shell. Based on the classic manga of Masamune Shirow, Ghost in the Shell … Continue reading

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Exclusive: First View of The Millennium Bug Trailer

The official trailer for the hillbilly/giant monster/alien bug movie The Millennium Bug (US-2011; dir. Kenneth Cran) has just been released and you can see it first here on Undead Backbrain. Note that it’s totally free of CGI monsters. The filmmakers … Continue reading

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Incidental Demonic Zombie Update

Director Mariano Cattaneo has sent the Backbrain an update on, and some extremely evocative images from, his demon/zombie film Incidente (Argentina-2011; dir. Mariano Cattaneo), which we reported on 13 February. Cattaneo says: Facts about Incidente: We’re three independent production companies … Continue reading

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Green Light in the Blackest Night

Okay, now I’m definitely interested. This is suddenly looking so close to spot-on, it has completely overturned my skepticism (exacerbated by the earlier, rather indifferent trailer) that they could effectively transform the epic DC comicbook franchise into a decent movie, … Continue reading

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