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An Unexpected Chat with Alex Caine

Some days shriek off in unexpected directions almost from the word go. I was all set to get back into some semi-serious blogging — tossing up between, on the one hand, reporting on the rumour that Donald Trump had threatened … Continue reading

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Rise of the Vorehemoth and the Reign of the Vore King

Fancy getting eaten by a giant monster? A new feature-length micro-budget giant monster movie going by the title Vorehemoth is to be directed by the so-named Godfather of Vore and creator of La Vore Girls, Raymond P. Whalen (R.P. Whalen … Continue reading

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B-Movie Celebration Attacks the Backbrain

 SPECIAL BACKBRAIN ANNOUNCEMENT For the past five years, fans of the often maligned genre of B-movies have gathered in Franklin, Indiana – not just to watch classic B-films, but to, as the name implies, celebrate them! This year — the … Continue reading

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“The Real Exorcist” and The Devil Inside

An Interview with Rev. Bob Larson by Robert Hood One exorcism film is among my horror favourites, namely William Friedkin’s 1973 classic The Exorcist, based on the equally excellent book by William Peter Blatty. There was no shortage of exorcism … Continue reading

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Danger 5 Coming to a Computer Screen Near You!

Now, does this look too good to be true or what? embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direct Eye-busting retro design, bizarre concepts, nostalgic stop-motion dinosaurs! What Danger 5 seems to be — in case you haven’t heard of it and haven’t … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flicks: A Daniel Lee Film Festival

Daniel Lee is an independent filmmaker and actor who harks from Tupelo, Mississippi via Ohio and Alabama. He makes films because he loves them. You can read an interview with Daniel on Undead Backbrain, in which he talks about himself … Continue reading

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Vixen Assassins vs Sea Monster

This one is pure Aussie exploitation gold! Writer/director Stuart Simpson’s latest film is El Monstro del Mar (Aust-2010; dir. Stuart Simpson), a gaudy, full-blown crime-horror thrill ride that features gorgeous — and very deadly — female assassins, schmick cars, guns, … Continue reading

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Christopher Lee Gets Heavy

The UK Telegraph has revealed that British actor Christopher Lee — iconic as Dracula in Hammer’s series of horror films, mostly playing against Peter Cushing’s Van Helsing, but also taking significant roles in genre films both large and small ever … Continue reading

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Dinocroc vs the Dinosaurs

Jim Wynorski might be pitting Dinocroc against Supergator in his upcoming monster pic Dinocroc vs Supergator (US-2009; dir. Jim Wynorski), but it seems that Dinocroc has had plenty of practice on actual dinosaurs — and big ones, too! In a … Continue reading

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Face the Faces

Faces only an undead mother could love! I’m not sure what to make of this one, but with Halloween upon us this weekend it seems appropriate to highlight one of the oddest horror DVD releases I’ve seen for a while. … Continue reading

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