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The Domestication of Gorgo

It happens to all the Big Ones. They start out fierce and dangerous, and end up getting domesticated. Once some sort of franchise kicks in, they’re doomed; the monsters gradually go from being an outright menace, to being a familiar, … Continue reading

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Blobs, Swamp Muck and Amorphous Things That Go Splat! in the Night

An Essay on a Globular Sub-genre by Robert Hood Given that violation of physical norms (being giant-sized, three-headed, lizard-scaled, part-snake/bat/bear/lion/dragon/Bobo-the-Clown, you name it) is one of the defining attributes of a monster, it’s not surprising that some of the most … Continue reading

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Green Light in the Blackest Night

Okay, now I’m definitely interested. This is suddenly looking so close to spot-on, it has completely overturned my skepticism (exacerbated by the earlier, rather indifferent trailer) that they could effectively transform the epic DC comicbook franchise into a decent movie, … Continue reading

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Zorro vs Zombies (and Other Stuff)

Do the permutations in our cultural use of zombies never end? Well, hopefully not. Though I know folk who are “over the whole zombie thing”, for the rest of us the fun continues! Silver Fox Comics is a new Australian … Continue reading

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The Goon, Animated

I love Eric Powell’s irreverent, tongue-in-cheek, old-school comic series The Goon, which is full to the brim with black humour, zombies and even the odd giant monster. Relishing its occasionally Kirbyesque influences, but totally unique in itself, The Goon features … Continue reading

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King vs the Vampires

The sardonic, somewhat bad-tempered ex-wrestler, now grumpy monster fighter, King! is back in issue 2 of writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford’s new comic series, King!, created for Blacklist Studios. It is, I’m happy to say, even better than … Continue reading

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Exclusive: A Visit to the Apothecary

Apothecary — noun: a druggist, pharmacist; (esp. in England and Ireland) a druggist licensed to prescribe medicine. Origin: 1325–75;  ME (< OF) < ML apothēcārius  seller of spices and drugs, LL: shopkeeper, equiv. to L apothēc ( a ) shop, … Continue reading

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What’s Better Than Giant Robots Fighting Giant Monsters?

Answer: Not much! Writer Michael May of Michael May’s Adventureblog — in itself a must-visit resource for those into comic art — is currently involved in a free web-comic called Kill All Monsters! It has nothing to do with Godzilla … Continue reading

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Zombies Arise!

If there’s one thing that zombies do with startling regularity, it’s ARISE. And ARISE again. And again. The modern zombie apocalypse phenomena, part of a 21st Century obsession with apocalypse as a whole but huge in its own right, has … Continue reading

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Of Monsters, Banana Burritos and the King

After the success of their comic series Robot 13, writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford of Blacklist Studios have branched out with a second series, this one looking at monster fighting from a different perspective — different in terms … Continue reading

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