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A Plethora of Aussie Comics: Big Arse Comic Launch

It seems that comics in Australia are undergoing some sort of Renaissance. By way of proof, check out the comic extravaganza that’s about to be unleashed at the Big Arse Comic Book Launch in Fitzroy come March. Here’s what the … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Zombie Film? Zombie Resurrection

An Exclusive Undead Backbrain Interview Mac (Jim Sweeney) gets up-close and personal with a rotten zombie (Leif Phelps) in Zombie Resurrection With its British accents and hints of thematic delving into some of the religious implications of zombieism, British splatterfest … Continue reading

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Hitmen, Alien Parasites and Zombies

An Undead Backbrain Exclusive Interview Life gets difficult enough when you’re a hitman just trying get the job done so you can make it to your kid’s birthday party on time. But things get worse after you stumble across an alien … Continue reading

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Official Trailer for The Demon’s Rook Is Here!

A Backbrain Exclusive A while back, the Backbrain interviewed writer, director and all-round auteur James Sizemore [aka Loup’Rah Garomore] about his in-production film The Demon’s Rook. Frankly the teaser released then, and all the pictures — not to mention Sizemore’s … Continue reading

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Zombies From Outer Space: Update

Remember the retro scifi horror flick Zombies from Outer Space (Germany-2010; dir. Martin Faltermeier), which Undead Backbrain revealed to the world at the end of last year? No? Well, go read about it here. Go on! Hurry up! We’ll wait. … Continue reading

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Insectula! Where Giant Insects Rule: A Backbrain Exclusive

Insectula [aka Insectula! Creature From Another World] is, in the words of its director, Michael Peterson, a movie about a giant mosquito-like alien attracted to Earth by the increased CO2 in the atmosphere. It has adopted the currently rather popular … Continue reading

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Playing the Demon’s Rook

An Exclusive Interview with writer/director/monster-maker/artist James Sizemore [aka Loup’Rah Garomore] In the lively [irony intended] history of zombie movies, the 1980s was a gala decade for the demonic brand of undead. This was the time of classics such as Sam … Continue reading

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Zombies vs Robots: From Comic to Book to Film

Zombies and robots. Zombies mobbing robots. Robots blowing zombies to bits. It’s a combination to thrill the heart of geeks everywhere. IDW and creators Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood have certainly had a major success in pitting these two not-actually-living … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Jurassic Shark

Giant and/or mutant sharks aren’t showing any sign of abandoning their attack on our cultural sensibilities! Latest news from the irrepressible Brett Kelly  — B-film exploitation dynamo — is that he has begun pre-production on Jurassic Shark, the story of … Continue reading

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Zombie Get-Together: The Reunion

Of his new zombie film, The Reunion, writer/director Jeff Stewart comments: “It’s a cross between HBO’s hit series The Wire and the zombie film Dawn of the Dead…  an urban zombie flick.” Blending imagery, themes and story elements from both … Continue reading

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