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The Rot Beneath the Skin

But first, an ad break: [youtube 3Xr1GQkSjGw] No, this Perfect Touch TVC advertisement doesn’t represent the Backbrain’s sudden embracing of commercialism. In fact, it’s a lead-in to a new Australian horror/comedy short film called I Rot (Australia-2011; short; dir. Josef … Continue reading

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Incidental Demonic Zombie Update

Director Mariano Cattaneo has sent the Backbrain an update on, and some extremely evocative images from, his demon/zombie film Incidente (Argentina-2011; dir. Mariano Cattaneo), which we reported on 13 February. Cattaneo says: Facts about Incidente: We’re three independent production companies … Continue reading

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Backbrain Zombies Invade the Aurealis Awards

Some good news today. My story “Wasting Matilda” from Zombie Apocalypse! edited by Stephen Jones (Robinson UK and Running Press, US) has shuffled its way onto the shortlist for the Aurealis Awards, Best Horror Short Story category. For those who … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Poisoned — New Zombie Horror from Israel

Poisoned is a zombie comedy, filmed in Israel by David Lubetzky ( דידי לובצקי ) and currently in the final editing stages. Synopsis (short): What makes this night different from all nights? On this night, the army really marches on … Continue reading

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New: Argentinian Zombie Horror

Incidente (Argentina-2011; dir. Mariano Cattaneo) Argentinian writer/director Mariano Cattaneo and his crew have recently completed work on a zombie horror film that takes a camera verité or “faux documentary” approach to the genre, in the obvious tradition of [Rec] (Spain-2007; … Continue reading

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Another World — of Zombies

Another World is Israel’s first post apocalyptic action/horror film. It’s directed by Eitan Reuven and produced by Reuven and Shlomi Aviner (see full crew listing here). The Backbrain was privileged to see an extended scene, and it was classy, well … Continue reading

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Review: Bringing the Zombies Home

Home (Australia-2010; short [approx. 11 min.]; dir. Cameron McCulloch) Aussie filmmaker Cameron McCulloch has produced a damn fine short zombie film in Home. Made for AUS$2,000, it is, as it were, but a moment in the Romeroesque, post-Night of the … Continue reading

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Zorro vs Zombies (and Other Stuff)

Do the permutations in our cultural use of zombies never end? Well, hopefully not. Though I know folk who are “over the whole zombie thing”, for the rest of us the fun continues! Silver Fox Comics is a new Australian … Continue reading

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Leading the Latest Cuban Revolution

And now… a Spanish-Cuban zombie comedy called Juan of the Dead [aka Juan de los Muertos](no prizes for guessing what this is ripping off), written and directed by Alejandro Brugués, produced by Gervasio Iglesias, Inti Herrera and Claudia Calviño, and … Continue reading

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The Goon, Animated

I love Eric Powell’s irreverent, tongue-in-cheek, old-school comic series The Goon, which is full to the brim with black humour, zombies and even the odd giant monster. Relishing its occasionally Kirbyesque influences, but totally unique in itself, The Goon features … Continue reading

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