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Official Poster: Metamorphosis

Exclusive Backbrain Release Official Poster for Metamorphosis (UK-2011; dir. Chris Swanton), which will be screened as part of the 6th Annual B-Movie Celebration’s Film Festival to be held in Columbus, Indiana during September. Click to enlarge. Source: Via B-Movie Celebration … Continue reading

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A Rim By Any Other Name

Well, giant monster fans — and devotees of Guillermo del Toro — are well aware that his next big film, in the absence of backing for the much mourned In the Mountains of Madness, is Pacific Rim. Due out in … Continue reading

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A New Giant Monster Film?

Actually, it’s not very new, and even if you could find a copy, it probably wouldn’t be what you expect. This one is from 1921 and I’ve so far been unable to hunt down much information on it. The following … Continue reading

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New: Caught in the Mega Spider’s Web

Love spiders? Well, there’s a new one of the giant variety due in town. And Spider-Man will be quivering in his boots… Returning to our shared office at work the other day, a colleague reached to open the door, shrieked … Continue reading

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Bizarre Charms: An Exclusive Interview with Ben Charles Edwards

How many horror films have been set against the background of the fashion industry? And does Showgirls count? I can think of a few that deal with cosmetics, such as The Wasp Woman (US-1959; dir. Roger Corman and Jack Hill) … Continue reading

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Update: The Gila Monster Grows

Fearless Undead Backbrain correspondent Avery Guerra reports that he has been hearing the opinion expressed that Jim Wynorski has “really outdone himself” with his latest monster flick. This may be his best film yet, they say — or at least … Continue reading

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Watch out! The Muckman’s Here

Earlier this year I reviewed Brett Piper’s latest b-monster epic, the swamp-stained, ooze-splattered Muckman — from a screener copy. I liked it, despite its low-budget limitations, or maybe because of them. Anyway, now I find that my name appears on … Continue reading

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Intimations of Kong

For some time now Undead Backbrain has been following the evolution of a film based on artist Joe DeVito and writer Brad Strickland’s illustrated novel Kong: King of Skull Island  (see this article from 2009, for example). Rumours of its … Continue reading

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Captain America Poster

Check out this cool retro 1940s-style poster, created by Marvel artist Paolo Rivera for the upcoming film Captain America: The First Avenger (US-2011; dir. Joe Johnston): Source: Marvel

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Building the Millennium Bug

Here’s the newly released official poster for The Millennium Bug (US-2011; dir. Kenneth Cran), the trailer for which premiered on Undead Backbrain a week or so ago: But that’s not all. The folk from The Squire Film Shoppe and No … Continue reading

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