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A Giant Gila Monster for Christmas

Including an Exclusive Interview by Robert Hood with the Star of the Film The producers of Jim Wynorski’s giant monster remake Gila! are currently whipping up a grassroots campaign to get the film — much lauded among B-Movie Celebration attendees … Continue reading

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Millennium Bug Infests DVD

More horrifically excellent news this Halloween as a genre-classic-in-the-making comes to DVD, heralded by great cover art and a fantastic new trailer. The Millennium Bug (US-2011; dir. Kenneth Cran) is a dark, raging powerhouse of a movie — an independent … Continue reading

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American Godzilla ’94 Returns

Kaiju artist and Backbrain buddy Todd Tennant has finally hit us with the news we’ve all been hoping for — not simply the return of his long-time online project to create a graphic novel of the rejected American Godzilla 1994 … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings, Fellow Monsterphiles

On behalf of Undead Backbrain, Undead Brainspasm and subsidiary sites, I just want to wish everyone well for the Christmas holidays and for 2012. Kaiju Search-Robot Avery added this similarly themed greeting, which I thought I’d share — though we … Continue reading

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Terrific Godzilla Gag

This strip is by Doug Paszkiewicz. I couldn’t resist. Check out Paszkiewicz’s darkly subversion website, Arsenic Lullaby.

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A New Restored Godzilla

At last! In January next year Criterion is releasing a high definition digitally restored edition of Gojira [aka Godzilla]  — the 1954 daikaiju classic directed by Ishiro Honda — on Blu-ray and DVD. After the merely half-decent releases that have appeared … Continue reading

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Gareth Edwards and Godzilla

[youtube iTlB_Ap5jRY] [youtube SKPHsJJvCPo]  

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American Kaiju: Aligon Attacks!

Hot on the heels of his announcement that Bluewater Productions has contracted him to produce a series of American Kaiju comics, Todd Tennant has provided the Backbrain with a pic of another of his feature monsters — this time, Aligon … Continue reading

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New Godzilla Director Announced

So, as everyone and their pet kaiju knows by now, the director of Legendary Pictures’ highly anticipated Godzilla re-boot, due in 2012 just before the world ends, is to be Gareth Edwards. Edwards, you may recall, is a British filmmaker … Continue reading

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Godzilla Gets Inked

Word is out that the King of the Giant Monsters will not only be appearing on-screen in 2012 in Legendary Pictures’ much anticipated attempt to make a successful US film featuring Japan’s most iconic kaiju, but also has been inveigled … Continue reading

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