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Death and Demonic Attack in the Territory

A Backbrain Exclusive Coincidentally similar in theme to the film featured in the Backbrain’s previous post (Transcendence), this UK production looks like a stylish piece of work and well worth your attention. Synopsis: Four cars lie stranded on a dark … Continue reading

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Demon Attack!

Check out this clip from a new short film called Transcendence: [youtube aBGW1Lo9RNY] Transcendence is directed by Chris Mirjahangir and it tells the story of a family who, on the last stop on their vacation, get taken hostage by survivors … Continue reading

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Pacific Rim: Viral Footage Gives a Glimpse of a Giant Monster

[youtube d9PFtl2tt9E] If I was excited by news of Guillermo del Toro’s “love letter” to the kaiju [daikaiju] eiga tradition of Japanese monster movies exemplified in Gojira [Godzilla] (1954; dir. Ishiro Honda), Pacific Rim when it was announced a while … Continue reading

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A Giant Gila Monster for Christmas

Including an Exclusive Interview by Robert Hood with the Star of the Film The producers of Jim Wynorski’s giant monster remake Gila! are currently whipping up a grassroots campaign to get the film — much lauded among B-Movie Celebration attendees … Continue reading

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The Host 2: First Footage

We’ve known for some years that a sequel to the excellent South Korean giant monster film The Host [aka Gwoemul] (South Korea-2006; dir. Joon-ho Bong) was on the way, but now you can see the first footage from the film … Continue reading

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Raising Demons and Funding: Demon’s Rook Update

Undead Backbrain’s recent update on The Demon’s Rook and interview with director/writer/actor James Sizemore emphasises just what a worthy project this is — full-on indie horror using a style and approach that updates ’80s demonic exploitation, with its hands-on, in-your-face … Continue reading

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First Look: World War Z

When I read Max Brooks’ post-apocalyptic zombie novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War several years ago I was impressed. An entertaining, structurally daring and unorthodox novel, it heralded a new wave of zombie fiction. It … Continue reading

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Update: Killer Shrews Are Out Of Their Cage!

A Backbrain Exclusive The latest news from film publicist Avery Guerra is that Steve Latshaw’s long-anticipated reimagining / sequel to 1959′s The Killer Shrews, Return of the Killer Shrews (which features original star James Best, as well as John Schneider, … Continue reading

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New Trailer for The Demon’s Rook Now Up!

Check out the new trailer for The Demon’s Rook (US-2012; dir. James Sizemore), which has just been added to the Undead Backbrain Halloween post here.

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Millennium Bug Infests DVD

More horrifically excellent news this Halloween as a genre-classic-in-the-making comes to DVD, heralded by great cover art and a fantastic new trailer. The Millennium Bug (US-2011; dir. Kenneth Cran) is a dark, raging powerhouse of a movie — an independent … Continue reading

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