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Bringing the Lifeform to Life: An Interview with Brian Schiavo

Filmmaker Brian Schiavo freely names Davids Lynch and Cronenberg, along with Guillermo del Toro, as major influences in his work — and in my book that’s pretty impressive name-dropping. By the time he adds Alan Moore’s run on the comic … Continue reading

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Tartarus: New Austrian Invasion

With Material Exclusive to Undead Backbrain Just before Cowboys and Aliens (US-2011; dir. Jon Favreau) hit screens throughout the world, an independent alien invasion film set in the historical past was released in Austria and Germany: Tartarus (Austria-2011; dir. Stefan … Continue reading

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“The Real Exorcist” and The Devil Inside

An Interview with Rev. Bob Larson by Robert Hood One exorcism film is among my horror favourites, namely William Friedkin’s 1973 classic The Exorcist, based on the equally excellent book by William Peter Blatty. There was no shortage of exorcism … Continue reading

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Lovechild of Audrey II and The Thing?

A Backbrain Exclusive Good friend and supremo artist Nick Stathopoulos — whose “Toy Porn” exhibitions featuring super-realistic paintings of toys based on such iconic figures as Astroboy, Tin-Tin, Gigantor and the Thunderbirds are among the most astonishing and beautiful things … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Delirium Is About To Explode

Now here’s a new independent film I really want to see completed! [youtube Jirizdz8cXE] Delirium (US-2012; dir. Jared Black) is a new supernatural thriller that absolutely shrieks of promise. It’s currently in post-production with an anticipated release date of somewhere … Continue reading

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The Vampire Apocalypse Downunder

An Undead Backbrain Exclusive Thankfully, the unreasonably popular Twilight and its sequels haven’t killed off vampires as an iconic and powerful trope within the horror genre.  Undead Brainspasm recently featured a film that was seeking to use an esoteric African … Continue reading

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The Emergence: Exclusive Glimpse Behind-the-Scenes

As the new killer mutant-insect creature-feature style short film, The Emergence (Canada-2011; short [11 min.]; dir. Jeff LeBlanc) nears its release date (1 December 2011), Undead Backbrain takes you behind the scenes of the production, via an exclusive series of … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Emergence Premieres Here!

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that Undead Backbrain will be hosting the premiere release of a new film — a exciting horror creature-feature from director Jeff LeBlanc. The date to look out for? December 1! The Emergence (Canada-2011; … Continue reading

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First Release of Return of the Killer Shrews Trailer: Exclusive

Here it is, the official trailer for Return of the Killer Shrews, directed by Steve Latshaw and starring original 1959 Killer Shrew wrangler James Best and a star cast that includes Smallville alumni John Schneider, Jennifer Lyons, Rick Hurst, Sean … Continue reading

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Insectula! Where Giant Insects Rule: A Backbrain Exclusive

Insectula [aka Insectula! Creature From Another World] is, in the words of its director, Michael Peterson, a movie about a giant mosquito-like alien attracted to Earth by the increased CO2 in the atmosphere. It has adopted the currently rather popular … Continue reading

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