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Playing the Demon’s Rook

An Exclusive Interview with writer/director/monster-maker/artist James Sizemore [aka Loup’Rah Garomore] In the lively [irony intended] history of zombie movies, the 1980s was a gala decade for the demonic brand of undead. This was the time of classics such as Sam … Continue reading

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New Trailer for Mold!

Mold, muck, blood and mayhem! It’s the latest trailer from Neil Meschino’s ’80s-styled horror flick, Mold! [youtube _V0hdJQj9AY] In classic 1980’s fashion, Mold! is to be released on VHS tape, at least initially. This will be accompanied by a 7″ … Continue reading

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Exclusive! First Look at Maggots!

Bobby Bragg has been in the film business for quite a while now, mostly as a stuntman and actor, but also in other major roles from writer to director and producer. In a career that spans several decades from the … Continue reading

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Exclusive: An Invasion of Russian Spores

Maksim Dyachuk is a young independent Russian filmmaker. He’s virtually unknown in the industry worldwide, but that may change in the near future if ambition and talent have anything to do with it. Taking his cue from Gareth Edwards (who … Continue reading

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The Rot Beneath the Skin

But first, an ad break: [youtube 3Xr1GQkSjGw] No, this Perfect Touch TVC advertisement doesn’t represent the Backbrain’s sudden embracing of commercialism. In fact, it’s a lead-in to a new Australian horror/comedy short film called I Rot (Australia-2011; short; dir. Josef … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Rotgut Is Coming

You’ve no doubt seen bottles of mezcal con gusano with the worm in them? Maybe you’ve drunk the mezcal from one. Maybe you ate the worm. They told you it was safe, didn’t they? Well, maybe they lied! Rotgut is … Continue reading

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Blobs, Swamp Muck and Amorphous Things That Go Splat! in the Night

An Essay on a Globular Sub-genre by Robert Hood Given that violation of physical norms (being giant-sized, three-headed, lizard-scaled, part-snake/bat/bear/lion/dragon/Bobo-the-Clown, you name it) is one of the defining attributes of a monster, it’s not surprising that some of the most … Continue reading

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Evil Dolls, Replicants and Dead Eyes

Dolls might be surrogate friends to children and kitsch collectibles to many adults, but there lingers deep beneath the surface of our cultural awareness of them a dark and unsettling fear. A whole cinematic genre explores the idea of “evil … Continue reading

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New: Snow Beast

Cryptozoological horror films seem to be on the ascendant right now. Fortunately we here at Undead Backbrain are amongst those who think there can’t be too many. Over the years there have been a few Abominable Snowman or Yeti movies. … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Oceaniden

Oceaniden (Denmark-2010; short [8:12 min] dir. Gorm Just) This weekend’s Fright Flick harks from Denmark and features a particular cryptozoological favourite — a hybridisation of Man and Fish. In the past, mummified merfolk have been a standard attraction at traveling … Continue reading

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